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A1 Behavioral Health: Outpatient treatment of substance use

A1 Behavioral Health Program (A1 Behavioral Health, LLC) provides outpatient rehabilitation and treatment for adults with alcohol, and other drug abuse problems. Because A1 Behavioral Health is an outpatient drug use treatment program, patients can receive treatment without taking leave from work or family life.

The heart of our drug and alcohol treatment program is the involvement of a self-referred patient or his/her referring physician in the detox/rehabilitation and secondary care phases of our program. Throughout the program, the patient and/or his referring physician work with the physical addiction of the patient in order to avoid hospitalization entirely, and to become sober without ever stepping foot into the residential facility. As such, A1 Behavioral Health is the only DCF-licensed pioneer outpatient detoxification program in Dade-Miami County.

Since 2003, the availability of buprenorphine has dramatically reduced the discomfort of detoxification from prescription pain pills and heroin, and A1 Behavioral Health is the program that helps reduce the frequency of relapses and improves the odds for recovery for those seeking drug rehab services outside of the residential treatment models. Aside from clinical evidence towards outpatient detox being as effective as residential treatment (please see journal articles), an added benefit is that medications that are administered in the outpatient setting have minimal side effects and allow the patient to live a normal and productive life.

Our medical staff is DCF-cleared to deliver the highest levels of safety to the patients. Our team of clinicians continuously works with the patient and/or his referring physician to monitor the safety and effectiveness of medications, to determine which medication to make available to our patients.



Advances in treatment now allow people to be detoxified from alcohol and opioids safely and comfortably on an outpatient drug treatment basis. Following assessment, patients will enter A1 Behavioral Health Clinic’s comprehansive treatment program that begins with detoxification and rehabilitation. Initially, patients attend treatment five times each week, Monday through Friday, for three hours of group therapy and education. The frequency of these sessions is reduced as progress is made over a period of eight weeks, typically totaling 20 to 30 sessions by completion. At A1 Behavioral Health, patients begin the program by receiving oral medication while being closely monitored by our medical staff. While they are detoxing, they simultaneously participate in the outpatient rehabilitation program. At the end of each day, they return home having undergone detoxification and medically-monitored rehabilitation. This daily cycle is repeated until the patient enters into the secondary level of treatment, patient and family support phase.

Because the relapse rate is extremely high for drug detox programs if detoxification is given without other treatment services, we only offer detoxification to patients willing to participate in the A1 Behavioral Health intensive outpatient rehabilitation drug detox program followed by the support phase. Outpatient detoxification is not available to patients who do not simultaneously enroll, and remain enrolled, in the secondary, or support phase.

Outpatient Detox – Alcohol

For detoxification from alcohol, the medication of choice for many years has been benzodiazepines. This class of medications can quickly relieve symptoms of anxiety, tremor, and insomnia. In addition, they can completely prevent serious withdrawal symptoms such as grand mal seizures or delirium tremens.

Outpatient Detox – Opioids (prescription narcotics and heroin)

Our drug detox program's ability to relieve the discomfort of withdrawal from opioids has been dramatically improved by the availability of buprenorphine, marketed as Suboxone. Patients place the medication under the tongue and usually experience a reduction of symptoms rapidly, often within an hour. Careful control of the dosing prevents unpleasant sedating effects. Although patients' drug detox can be tapered comfortably off the buprenorphine over a period of days or weeks, we recommend that they remain on it for a period of stabilization to prevent relapse.

Outpatient Detox – Other Drugs

We are also able to detoxify people from tranquilizers such as Xanax and Ativan as well as sedative medications. Stimulants, such as cocaine and amphetamines, do not require formal detoxification. In all cases, patients receive outpatient drug treatment along with outpatient detox.

Dual Diagnosis

People with alcohol and drug problems often have additional psychiatric problems that require treatment in order to achieve a satisfying recovery. The other problems that occur most commonly are mood, attention deficit/hyperactivity, anxiety, and trauma disorders. At A1 Behavioral Health, one of our basic beliefs is that the best results occur when addiction and other psychiatric problems are treated simultaneously. In order to accomplish this, A1 Behavioral Health maintains a full staff of psychiatrists, nurses and therapists. They collaborate with patients’ referring clinicians on the best treatment plan. If necessary, our staff will prescribe medication and will arrange for a psychotherapy referral to a carefully selected therapist.



Upon completing the detoxification/rehabilitation portion of the program, the patient enters a support phase of treatment. A1 Behavioral Health offers intensive outpatient program to each client and is also committed to the treatment of chemical dependency, as a disease which affects not only the individual, but also those around them. As part of our commitment to treating our patients, we offer the family and close friends of patients an opportunity to learn more about the disease and get the support they need. Most families, in our experience, have been significantly affected by the disease.

Participants in the family group may be anyone whom the patient considers to be a “significant other” in his or her life. Persons in the family group are encouraged to share their stress, their questions, their frustrations, their progress, and their setbacks. Members offer their support and experiences to help others in the group. What is discussed is up to each individual; no one is forced to speak if they do not wish to, nor pushed to disclose anything that is too uncomfortable for them to discuss.

We urge each and every patient to have at least one person come to the family group as often as possible. For young adults, A1 Behavioral Health mandates a parent to attend Family Group. A young adult is defined as a person between the ages of 18 and 25 that lives at home. We have found that both patients and their families have a better recovery with everyone talking and learning about substance use disorders and how drastically it affects one’s environment.

At A1 Behavioral Health, Patient and Family Support consists of once weekly 2-hour group therapy sessions that are co-led by licensed or certified clinicians. This phase of recovery can last, depending upon the patient's needs, for up to 70 weeks. We believe that this fills an unmet need in the community for an organized approach to this level of care. It helps control the cravings by providing continuous support, around the clock if needed, to ward of cravings and to maintain sobriety. The family support helps the loved ones to stay focused on the patient recovery, and to maintain an optimistic stance.

If you would like to schedule a patient for an evaluation or have any questions about the Patient and Family Support Services offered at our substance abuse treatment facility, please feel free to contact us at (305) 440 1218. One of our caring staff will return your call the next business day.



The patient discharge from the program is geared towards a safe transition to a fully functioning lifestyle that is the goal of the treatment. We will contact your treating physician, if you were so referred, to maintain continuity of care and to answer any questions that your provider might have about your discharge and for your future care. If your provider would like to receive an outcome report or has any questions about our Comprehensive Services, please ask him or her to contact us at (305) 440 1218. One of our caring staff will return the call the next business day.


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